Janne-Mieke Meijer

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow
University of Konstanz

Department of Physics
Soft Matter Physics

Cover Display!

The beatutiful publication of Laura on:

"Self-organization in dipolar cube fluids constrained by competing anisotropies"

was featured on the inside cover of Soft Matter.

(edited: 14 feb 2018)

Liquids Art Display

Our artwork was selected for
public outdoor display during the Liquids 2017 conference in Ljubljana last week. It is very impressive to see a beautiful scattering pattern displayed on such a large scale.
An online version of the gallery showing the other artworks as well, can be found here.

Right: Samia and me couldn't resist taking a picture with the nice display.

(edited: 26 July 2017)

I will be presenting at the 10th liquid matter conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia about:

"Observation of Solid-Solid Transitions in 3D Crystals of Colloidal Superballs".

I will be presenting at the 31st Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society held in Madrid, Spain on:

"Phase behaviour of Bowl-Shaped Colloids".
Liquids 2017
ECIS 2017
Thursday, July 20th
time: 10:30 am
place:  Linnart Hall
Wednesday, Sept. 6th
time: 11:50 am
place:  Aula Cofares
(edited 12 July 2017)
Upcoming Talk!
I will speak at the Dutch Soft Matter Meeting in Delft about the "Observation of Solid-Solid Transitions in 3D Crystals of Colloidal Superballs". Using a combination of microscopy and high resolution small angle x-ray scattering we revealed the different transitions that occur in sedimentary crystals of colloidal superballs.
(edited 26 april 2017)
9 May 2017
Delft, Netherlands